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Part:                                          Fully Synthetic Gasoline engine oil
Brand:                                        Scope Lubricants
Location:                                    Gasoline Engine Oil
Material:                                     Oil
Quantity Sold:                             1
Other Names:                              Synthetic oil, gasoline oil
Product Fit:                                 Direct Fit
Product Condition:                       New
Manufacturer’s Part Number:         SCOPE PEGASO – API SN/CF





SCOPE PEGASO Fully Synthetic Oil has been formulated for latest on-road, high-performance and turbo-charged, inter-cooled direct injection high performance gasoline and diesel engines with normal SAPS passenger car portfolio. It provides outstanding protection against engine wear under high-temperature and high engine speed conditions. It is blended from synthetic base components, highly shear stable viscosity modifiers and premium tier additive package. Suitable for ACEA 2012 normal SAPS requirements formulations.

Main benefits:

  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Excellent low temperature flow characteristics
  • Excellent detergency and high dispersancy
  • Keeps engine clean under all conditions
  • Exceptional thermal stability
  • Low oil consumption
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Ultimate protection in all driving conditions.
  • Rapid oil flow and low friction effectively contributes towards reducing fuel consumption.
  • Meets environmental requirements.

Additional Information


Scope Lubricant Synthetic engine oil is a lubricant manufactured from chemical ingredients that are synthesized artificially. When opposed to traditional petroleum and animal-fat based lubricants, synthetic engine oil provides better engine performance.

Scope’s synthetic oil is precisely prepared with specialized additive system that gives significant performance benefits over and beyond what conventional and synthetic blend oils offer. This synthetic oil is also utilized in metal stamping to provide environmental and other benefits.

Scope’s synthetic engine oil is pushed to extremes in a variety of environments, not simply the frigid Arctic and scorching deserts. Everyday highway driving or crowded city traffic, when the automobile has to stop and start repeatedly, can cause serious engine oil issues. Scope Lubricant’s best synthetic oil formulation provides optimal protection in severely hot and cold regions, as well as under intense driving situations.

We offer the best fully synthetic engine oil that is specifically designed for today’s modern engines. Our Synthetic oil has more tailored molecules that provide better performance and protection than regular oils.

Scope lubrication offers the best synthetic oil for automobiles. Its unique technology keeps oil fluidity across a wide temperature range, lubricating engine components and enabling for quick start-up and optimal engine protection.

Our synthetic engine oil extends engine service life by maintaining a protective oil film at extreme temperatures, heavy loads, and high speeds.

Today’s automobiles require a motor oil that can keep up with their evolving needs while also improving performance and engine life. This is why Scope’s fully synthetic engine oil developed an entirely new synthetic base oil manufacturing process based on natural gas.

Scope’s synthetic oil lubricant is made using its proprietary technology, resulting in a motor oil that actively aids in the cleaning of engines. It starts with the product’s enhanced technology, which allows it to deliver even more cleansing and protection.

Vehicle Fitment Information


Scope Premium Fully Synthetic is recommended for various types of modern vehicles where it will help provide unsurpassed performance even under demanding driving conditions.

It is recommended for latest engine technologies including Turbo-chargers, Direct Injection, Diesels (without DPF) and Hybrids

SCOPE PEGASO SM/CF fully synthetic oil can be used for all naturally aspirated, fuel injected, turbo charged and multivalve passenger car engines.

SCOPE PEGASO fully synthetic oil exceeds the requirements of all major car manufacturers and the following standards. API SM/CF, VW – 500.00, 502.00, 505.00, BMW – long life 98, Mercedes Benz – sheet 229.3, Porsche “GL”



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